Corentin Brasart
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I’m a composer & sound designer based in Paris, France.


I have experience doing audio work in video games, movies, tv, ads, podcast, and general audio branding — I’ve been working both to picture and using video game-related tools (FMOD, Wwise, Unity…).


I’m also familiar with capturing audio in the field and treating it in a post-production environment.

Besides music, my two passions always were cinema & video games, and the way I found to be able to work on them both is through sound.

I first started studying cinema at university, and then went on to ISART Digital Paris in their "Music & Sound Design" program, from which I graduated in 2018.

I now focus on bringing together my knowledge of creating audio for both cinema & video game through every project I work on.

• TOEIC : 990/990 points

C2 Grade, academic english

• ISART Digital Paris

Bachelor, Music & Sound Design

• Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

University Diploma, Cinema study (Arts & Medias)

• High school diploma

Languages & Literature