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Corentin Brasart
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I’m a freelance composer & sound designer, and Lead Audio at Monkey Moon, based in Paris, France.


I'm currently working in games, short movies, advertisements, podcasts, and audio branding.
My specializations are musical composition, mixing, sound design, field and foley recording, dialogue editing, middleware implementation, and creating an audio direction from scratch.

Besides music, my two passions always were cinema & video games, and the way I found to be able to work on them both is through sound.

I first started studying cinema at university, and then went on to ISART Digital Paris in their "Music & Sound Design" program, from which I graduated in 2018.

I now focus on bringing together my knowledge of creating audio for both cinema & video game through every project I work on.

• TOEIC : 990/990 points

C2 Grade, academic english

• ISART Digital Paris

Bachelor, Music & Sound Design

• Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

University Diploma, Cinema study (Arts & Medias)

• High school diploma

Languages & Literature

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